The 3 year milestone & Entrepreneurial Struggles of a Non Enterpreneur

It has been 3 years since I started on a journey I knew nothing of. I started my own design studio/company/brand …the definition is fluid. I have no skills besides a general talent for concept development and as such like to live in my own world.I had no business plan. No funding. No one backing me. No clue about retail. No partner. All I knew was that it was an unknown path and I had to find my way through the mist if I wanted even a shred of my spirit to live. I was left with no choice. The work I was doing was headed no where and I could see no future as a designer. And for that I thank fate. It has been a tough, tougher, toughest journey. Each day bringing daunting challenges, from struggling with paperwork to making sure that the Wi Fi works. From sourcing product to designing it, giving it visibility and just about everything else. Even today a lot of days begin with a fear of what might go wrong. A lot of it does go wrong. But there is the exhiliration of conquering each hurdle. Today I see Tarusa as a toddler. And much as babies do the studio is stumbling and lurching forward.I am able to let it walk 2-3 steps without carrying it on my shoulders always. It has been a great learning experience and I have pushed myself to do things I never thought I was capable of. Most of all I am seeing a cliche come alive. People say it takes 3 years for any venture to start taking some shape and DOT on the 3 years curve the way forward if looking more visible.Wish me luck, wish me strength to keep going forward.For all of you wishing to start something I have one thing to say.Start and keep walking.        c1111 c111 DSC_0101